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ABS p.RIDE Base Unit Original + p.RIDE 45+5 Lumivyöryreppu, deep blue

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  • 50 000 TUOTETTA - 450 MERKKIÄ

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The adjustable height of this professional pack provides a packing volume of up to 50 liters to cater for extended tours or excursions of several days. The Zip-On features a convenient ski carrier at the side as well as an attachment for a snowboard or snowshoes. In addition to a spacious XXL compartment on the flap, there are compartments to hold drinking bottles, skins, maps or snacks as well as a separate valuables pocket. A special emergency compartment at the front of the pack ensures easy access to avalanche equipment at all times. The base of the Zipon can be compressed to reduce the packing volume if required. Additional features include a removable mesh helmet carrier and an ice axe holder. The Zip-On is available in deep blue and ocean blue.

Activation is crucial – Partner activation built in as standard
With the introduction of partner activation, P.RIDE is ushering in a new era of self-rescue and companion rescue. For the first time, a built-in wireless connection with partners makes it possible to actively protect other group members before an actual burial situation occurs. P.RIDE therefore closes the functional loophole in all previous avalanche airbags – representing a life-saving innovation. Group members are synchronized automatically when they simultaneously open their activation handles. This enables partner activation – with no need for complicated programming. Group mode allows a backpack wearer to simultaneously activate his or her own airbags and those of all other members. If the members of a group plan to tackle a slope individually, one or more of these winter sports enthusiasts can temporarily switch to single mode. In the event of a critical situation, this then allows specific remote activation of individual airbags.

30% more projected area to help you stay on top
In an avalanche, in addition to volume, projected area plays a decisive role in ensuring you stay on top of the snow. P.RIDE airbags have a 30% greater effective area in comparison to traditional airbags. In combination with the body, P.RIDE airbags therefore create a larger bearing surface. This places the body in a particularly advantageous horizontal position that significantly reduces the risk of injury and increases the probability of remaining on the surface. The novel method used to secure the airbags ensures they stay in their optimal “wing position” after opening, regardless of which pack is zipped on. Effective surface on top of an avalanche: 1055 m2.

Automatic system check indicates proper functioning
After the system is enabled, operation is monitored automatically and continuously. LEDs on the handle provide a clear and easily understandable view of the current status. The high-performance battery supplies energy reliably at temperatures down to minus 40°C and allows at least 6,000 hours in standby mode.

ABS Twinbags for double safety
Avalanches do not simply flow over smooth mountain meadows. On the contrary. Their path can be impeded by obstacles such as stones, rocks, mountain pines and tree stumps. In the case of a mono-airbag without separate compartments, a single tear in the outer material can be enough to put the entire system out of operation! As the company with the greatest practical experience, ABS relies exclusively on TwinBag technology with two independent airbags.


  • Water- and snow-repellent material
  • Glove-friendly buckles and zippers
  • Attachments for ice axes
  • Daisy chain for convenient fastening options
  • Release handle is height adjustable and can also be attached to the right shoulder strap
  • In the off-position the handle can be stowed in the shoulder strap
  • Free triggering in training mode possible
  • Laukaisukahva ei sisälly toimitukseen.
Käyttötarkoitus: hiihtoretket, lumilautaretket, off-piste-hiihto, lumikenkäretket
Rakenne: lumivyöryreppu, kaksiosainen systeemi
Selkäosan rakenne: selkäpehmuste
Kokokategoria: 46 - 60 l
Repun tilavuus: 50 l
Ominaisuudet: Kokoa voi säätää, Uudelleentäytettävä patruuna, Nesteytysjärjestelmä jälkiasennettavissa, Tilavuus laajennettavissa
Repun paino: 4025  g
Lisäosastot: Compartment for avalanche equipment, valuables compartment, side compartment, internal bottle compartment  
Erityisominaisuudet: Rintavyö, Lannevyö, Suksi-/lumilautakiinnitys, Kypäräkiinnitys, Kompressioremmi, Haarahihna
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