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TwisterCane Bio Foam Sleeping Pad, vihreä

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Big Agnes TwisterCane Bio Foam Sleeping Pad, vihreä

TwisterCane Bio Foam Pads provide a firm, insulated barrier between you and the ground, made from sugarcane biomass in a process that actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. Our closed-cell foam pads are constructed with die cut sections on the top layer to trap warm air and a tire tread pattern on the bottom layer for more cushion. A pad so sweet, who could resist the carbon negative comfort, engineered for extreme alpine conditions and a great ultralight option for all backcountry adventures.

TwisterCane Bio Foam Sleeping Pads are made from sugarcane-based EVA foam that helps reduce dependence on petroleum to create the foam pad material while maintaining function, durability, and warmth. You’ll find comfort in knowing that Big Agnes source the sugarcane using Proforest standards, audited by a third party for assured accountability to our planet. Sugarcane is fully renewable, grown on rainwater not irrigation, and removes carbon from the atmosphere. The sugarcane biomass created during processing is used to power the sugarcane mill and fertilize the new year’s crop. TwisterCane gets its name from the locally named tree line on the Big Agnes hometown ski mountain with a nod to the material source, sugarcane.


  • Use alone, on top of or under an air mattress for extra warmth and comfort
  • Create a four-season system when you combine the mat with an air mattress
  • Comfortable backcountry mat on uneven ground, providing extra protection from dirt, wet grass or snow
  • With closed-cell foam technology
  • Balanced warmth and comfort with punched peaks and heat-retaining valleys
  • More warmth and comfort with two layers of textured foam
  • Can be used on both sides
  • Light enough to take with you wherever you go
  • Is ideal as a seating pad for spectator events
  • Can be rolled up to save space and weight
  • hard-wearing and durable
  • Unique EVA foam contains more than 60% sustainably grown sugar cane resin


Retkeily/vaellus, Retkitelttailu, Telttailu, Ultralight
Vaahtomuovin tyyppi: 100 % ethylene vinyl acetate
Paksuus: 13 mmMaton paksuus: vaaleaPakkausmitat (cm): 51 x 18Paino: 397 gPituus (cm): 183 cmLeveys (cm): 51 cm

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