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CASIO PRO TREK PRW-50Y-1BER Rannekello Miehet, creme/black (2020)

ID: 1066697
419,95 €
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  • 50 000 TUOTETTA - 450 MERKKIÄ

Valitettavasti tuoteselostetta ei ole tällä hetkellä saatavilla suomeksi.

These models are the latest addition to the PRW Series of Climber Line watches that focus on user-friendly operation while reducing overall size.

The Climber Line is part of the PRO TREK lineup, which is constantly pushing the bounds of advanced technology and innovative designs.
Based on the PRW-60, which integrates the band-case connection and the back cover into a single piece for a much smaller configuration, these new models feature easy-to-read Arabic numeral dials. Hour, minute and second hands are designed for high visibility, a matte dial reduces glare, and depressions in the Arabic numerals are embedded with luminescent material for the ultimate in easy analog readability. The hefty bezel is designed in the form of a gear for a rugged mechanical look that is suitable for outdoor wear, while a Dura Soft band provides a comfortable fit, even in low temperatures.

Function-wise, these models feature Triple Sensor Version 3 with highly accurate sensors that perform direction, barometric pressure, temperature, and altitude measurement. A solar power system provides a stable supply of power, while MULTIBAND 6 automatically adjusts time settings based on reception of one of six time calibration signals around the globe. All of this and more makes these watches the perfect choice for a wide range of outdoor activities and daily wear as well.

Double LED light
To ensure you can still see everything, even in the dark, the analogue watch face and digital display are illuminated by an LED at the push of a button.

Low-temperature resistant (-10 °C)
Even temperatures as low as -10 °C have no effect on this watch.

Solar Power
A solar cell provides power for operation.

Radio signal reception (EU, USA, Japan, China)
Whether in Europe, North America and Japan or in the outer reaches of Canada, Central America and China - once the watch has been set to the local time, it receives the relevant signal and shows the correct time wherever you are. In many countries, it also sets itself automatically to summer and winter time.

A luminous coating provides long-term illumination in the dark after only a short exposure to light.

Barometer (260 / 1.100 hPa)
A special sensor measures the air pressure (measuring range: 260/1100 hPa) and presents this on the display in the form of a symbol. This enables early detection of weather trends.

Thermometer (-10°C / +60°C)
A sensor measures the ambient temperature around the watch and displays it in °C (-10°C /+60°C).

A built-in direction sensor detecs the magnetic north.

10,000 m Altimeter
A pressure sensor detects changes in the air pressure and converts the result into an altitude up to 10,000 m.

Height Gain
The height gain sums all the meters you have climbed in a session, so that you can see at a glance the total ascent on a tour.

Altimeter data memory
Depending on the model, up to 40 sets of elevation data can be stored in the watch's data memory and re-accessed at any time. Each of these data sets consists of a measured altitude as well as the date and time. In addition to the individual altitudes, the maximum and minimum altitudes during a measurement are also stored.

World time function
Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.

Stopwatch function - 1/100 sec. - 24 hours
Elapsed time, split time and final time are measured with 1/100-sec accuracy. The watch can measure times of up to 24 hours.

Timer - 1/1 min. - 1 hour
For fans of precision: the countdown timers help you to remember specific or recurring events by giving off an audible signal at a preset time. The time can be set to the nearest minute and up to 1 hour in advance.

5 daily alarms
The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set. This model has 5 independent alarms for flexible reminders of important appointments.

Crown button lock
Secures the crown button from accidental change to another mode of operation.

Automatic hand adjustment
The automatic hand adjustment function checks the home position of the hands every hour and corrects it if necessary — either by adjusting e.g. from shocks or using the influence of magnetism.

Smart Access Technology
Smart Access makes it easy to operate multi-function watches. Simply pulling out and rotating the crown provides intuitive control over all functions.

Button tones on/off
The button tones for using the mode button can be turned off. This means that the watch no longer beeps when switching from one function to another. Preset alarm or countdown timers remain active when the button tones are deactivated.

Hand Moving Function
With a push of a button, hands are moving and permit a free visibility of functions like stopwatch or date.

Automatic calendar with Date, Day and Month
Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.

12/24-hour timekeeping
Times can be displayed in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format.

Bezel with IP Finish
The bezel of the watch is elaborately coated according to the so-called "ion plating" process and offers the advantage of increased scratch resistance


  • mineral glass
  • Stainless steel resin housing
  • Resin bracelet
  • Thorn buckle
  • Water resistance classification 10 Bar
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 50.5 mm x 47.2 mm x 13.3 mm
  • Weight: approx. 70 g
analoginen, digitaalinen, koodattu
Aikaominaisuudet: kello, päivämäärä, viikonpäivänäyttö, aikavyöhykkeet, hälytys, sekuntikello
Korkeusmittausominaisuudet: todellinen korkeus, kertynyt korkeus
Lämpötilaominaisuudet: ajantasainen lämpötila
Hälytys, Pariston tason ilmaisin, Valaisutoiminto, Muistitoiminnot
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Geir Trønnes
Super kello
Super klokke
Automaattinen käännös norjasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Erittäin tyytyväinen kellon kanssa. se on hienompaa kuin kuvissa näkyy. toimii hyvin

Veldig førnøyd med klokken . den er finere enn bildene viser . funker supert

Automaattinen käännös italiasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Minulla oli muita Casio pro trek -kelloja, vain digitaalisia ja muita malleja, piti heti tästä mallista, etenkin ei Italiassa olevassa luettelossa, ja sen vuoksi Bikesterin ostaman. Kellot saapuivat käyttövalmiiksi maksimilatauksella ja jo tehdyillä yleisillä säätöillä. Kenttätestattu, siinä on digitaalisten pro-treks-kyky, mutta myös analoginen näkö, kuten pidän.

Ho avuto altri orologi Casio pro trek solo digitali e altri modelli, mi è piaciuto subito questo modello in particolare non a catalogo in Italia e quindi acquistato da Bikester. L'orologio è arrivato pronto all'uso con carica massima e regolazioni generali già eseguite. Provato sul campo ha la capacità dei pro trek digitali ma anche visione analogica come piace a me.

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