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Garmin Edge 130 Ajotietokone Mountain Bike Bundle (2019)

ID: 809003
189,95 €
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  • 50 000 TUOTETTA - 450 MERKKIÄ

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The Edge 130 is a feature-packed, compact GPS bike computer.

It scores with a battery life of up to 15 hours, easy route navigation, 1.8 inch display and connected features. In combination with your smartphone, you get smart notifications, weather information, and LiveTrack lets you share your current location with your friends in real time. For additional bicycle safety and performance measurement, the Edge 130 can be connected to the Varia Radar, Varia bicycle lighting and the Vector wattmeter pedal system.

Small, but mighty
Whether on single trails, on the road or in town - the Edge 130 is a perfect partner on your tours. The compact, lightweight design is rounded off by a 1.8-inch MIP monochrome display (memory in pixels). This makes the display easy to read even in direct sunlight. You can usually hardly decipher your smartphone display under these conditions. Five keys ensure easy operation. Adjust the display to display up to 8 data fields on each page. Don't let the compact design of the Edge 130 fool you. The device is full of additional functions and has a battery life of up to 15 hours.

Navigation made easy
No matter what your route, the Edge 130 Bicycle Computer stores all your important statistics. The device supports GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites so that your position is recorded even when trees are dense, and it offers an integrated altimeter. You know how far, how fast and even how high you were going. Plan your routes in advance with Garmin Connect's route planner, then download them. The Edge 130 guides you to your destination with easy-to-understand route and turn instructions. If you want to go back to the start position, this is no problem for the device either.

Optimised bicycle safety products
Would you like to ride on the road for a change? If you can travel more easily, every tour will be even better. That's why the Edge 130 is compatible with Varia bicycle safety products, including Varia Radar and intelligent bicycle lighting. Couple these devices with your Edge bike computer to be warned of approaching cars - right on the Edge display. Besides, other road users can see you better. The Edge 130 also supports LiveTrack, which allows your friends and family to track your real-time position. If you have problems during a tour, you can use manual accident notification to quickly send your current position to predefined contacts so they can find you and help you.

Improve your performance
The Edge 130 Bike Computer helps you improve your performance so you can improve with every tour. Use the device with power meters to see how many watts you produce on a flat track or steep mountain. If you know how you perform, your training will be more effective. Play real-time Garmin segments and Strava Live segments to get more out of yourself and make each tour even more varied.

Connected Features
The Edge 130 is equipped with a number of connected features to keep your phone safe in your pocket while keeping you connected on your trips. SMS messages appear on the device's display so you can see them at a glance. Keep an eye on current weather conditions and the forecast on the weather page. Couple the Edge 130 with the Edge compatible remote to start and stop the timer, change sides or mark a lap without taking your hands off the handlebars. You can also automatically upload tours to the Garmin Connect online community and even customise the device if you wish by downloading configurable data fields such as GU Fuel Reminder or Strava Suffer Score from the Connect IQ-Shop.


  • Altimeter and GPS, GLONASS + GALILEO receiver, precisely measures position and altitude data
  • Route navigation, navigation function with turn-by-turn instructions when using Garmin Connect routes
  • Connected features, Smart Notifications1, automatic data upload to Garmin Connect App, LiveTrack and manual accident notification
  • Strava Live Segments, compete virtually against your Strava friends
  • Bicycle safety, compatible with Varia Radar and Varia bicycle lighting
  • Power measurement, connect the Vector Wattmess pedal system to the Edge 130 for accurate power measurement
  • Garmin Connect, download tracks, view your own records and analyze detailed statistics from our training platform Garmin Connect
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sisältää GPS:n, Nopeusmittarilla, korkeusmittarilla
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Mountain bike mount, charger/data cable  
integroitu akku  
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Erittäin hyvä tuote
Très bon produit
Automaattinen käännös ranskasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Garmin itse on erittäin hyvä: pienikokoinen, kevyt, yksivärinen näyttö erittäin luettavissa (paljon parempi kuin värinäyttö), ei kosketus (täydellinen), todella hyvä.  Se ei esitä täydellistä karttaa vaan vain seuraavaa tietä. Joten risteykset eivät näy, mutta voimme nähdä, siirrytäänkö suunnitellusta reitistä. MTB-tuki on todella massiivinen, ei tarpeeksi optimoitu minulle.

Le Garmin en lui même est très bien: compact, léger, écran monochrome très lisible (bien mieux qu'un écran couleur), non tactile (parfait), vraiment très bien. Il ne présente pas une carte complète mais juste la route à suivre. Donc les intersections n'apparaissent pas mais mais on voit si on s'écarte de la route prévue. Le support VTT est vraiment massif, pas assez optimisé à mon gout.

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