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Gregory Deva 60 Selkäreppu Naiset, plum red (2019)

ID: 1020554
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Gregory Deva 60 Selkäreppu Naiset, plum red
Gregory Deva 60 Selkäreppu Naiset, nocturne blue
Gregory Deva 60 Selkäreppu Naiset, antigua green
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  • 40 000 TUOTETTA - 400 MERKKIÄ

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You’ll be surprised by how capable the smallest Deva pack can be in so many situations. For short and long weekends, it’s more than perfect, offering superior balance and carrying comfort for heavier extras like a climbing rack or a gourmet camp meal complete with a bottle of bubbly. The Deva is already a feature-rich pack, but Response A3 makes the difference—because when you combine shorter trips with Gregory’s best suspension technology, you forget about what you’re carrying and escape into the journey.

Women’s specific fit
From the very beginning, Gregory has been concerned with the different individual needs regarding fit and comfort. Their backpacks have always been designed to fit the wearer. The same is true for women's backpacks. Designed and tested by women for women, they guarantee optimal fit. Sure, Gregory could have just as easily changed the colours and finish, but just like the women who buy their products, Gregory strives to exceed all expectations with their performance. Women's specific characteristics are the narrower back and the women's specific shape and cut of the shoulder strap.

Response A3 suspension
The hip and shoulder straps with automatic angle adjustment (A3) adjust individually to your physique every time you shoulder the backpack for a perfect fit. This patented system allows shoulder and hip straps to rotate independently to provide a dynamic and stable forward motion that follows your body's movements in any terrain. With the Response A3 carrying system, your body's centre of gravity remains balanced on the move, saving you the energy you would otherwise need to constantly stabilise. This little bit of energy saved with every step adds up, improves your performance and keeps you happy as you go mile after mile.

Matrix ventilated backpanel
Ventilated structural foam wrapped in breathable mesh provides enhanced moisture management in a low-profile backpanel design. It offers excellent airflow while keeping the pack very close to your back for crucial energy savings while carrying heavier loads.

Lumbar tune
You’ll find a removable Lumbar Tune system located behind the ComfortGrip lower back padding. This simple system allows you to slightly increase or decrease the curvature of the lower backpanel to get the perfect fit for your lower back shape. After a full day on the trail small adjustments can make a big difference in comfort, so simply remove or replace the LifeSpan foam insert behind the lower backpanel padding to fine tune the backpanel to your ideal lumbar shape. Most of us benefit from this additional padding, so we recommend leaving it in place for your first hike and try removing it while on the trail.

Measuring the back length
Measure with a tape measure along the spine from the 7th cervical vertebrae (the spinous process is easy to feel from the outside at the lower end of the neck furrow) to the iliac crest (at the level of the upper bony hip structure). Measure two or three times to get an accurate result. If you are between two frame sizes, the smaller size is right for you.

Back length Gregory
XS = 36 cm - 41 cm
S = 41 cm - 46 cm
M = 46 cm - 51 cm
L = 51 cm - 56 cm


  • Fast-drying 3D-Air hip and shoulder straps
  • Water-repellent hip belt pockets
  • Spectacle holder on shoulder strap
  • Removable lumbar vertebra padding
  • Silicone print on lower back pad prevents slipping
  • Ergonomically-shaped zippers, operable with gloves
  • Solar panel mounting on lid compartment
  • Sidekick included: hydration bladder cover and ultra-light backpack in one
  • Weight control sleeve 100 g / Weight Sidekick 132 g
  • Material body: 210D Honeycomb Cryptorip HD Nylon, 210D High Tenacity Nylon
  • Material bottom: 630D High Density Nylon
  • Material Lining: 135D High Density Embossed Polyester
  • Shoulder and hip belt material: Multi-Density - Lifespan EVA
  • Material carrying system: 7001 aluminium hollow frame and HDPE
  • Max. payload 23 kg
Monen päivän reppu, Vaellusreppu
Kantosysteemi: Response A3
Käyttötarkoitus: vaellus
Selkäosan rakenne: selässä verkkokangas
Kokokategoria: 46 - 60 l l
Repun tilavuus: 60 l
Mitat (K x L x S): 64 x 40 x 23  
Materiaalikuvaus: Main material: 100 % nylon/ Bottom: 100% nylon/ Lining: 100 % polyester  
Nesteytysjärjestelmä jälkiasennettavissa  
Sisältyy toimitukseen.: kyllä  
Vyötäröremmi: paksu pehmuste, Erityisesti naiselle sopiva istuvuus, vetoketjutaskuilla, säätömahdollisuus
Rintaremmi: Korkeus säädettävissä, säätömahdollisuus
Lannevyö: kyllä
Rintavyö: kyllä
Taskut ja lokerot
Ulkotaskua: Lid pocket with two zipper access, Front pocket with two entrances and additional stretch fabric pocket, Side pocket made of stretch fabric
Kansitasku pienille tavaroille: Ulkoinen lokero, Materiaalisilmukat ulkopuolella
Pohjaosasto: Erillinen alalokero
Kiinnityssoljen sijainti: ylhäällä, Etu, pohjalla
Kiinntyssoljen tyyppi: Klipsi, Vetoketju
Tarvikkeiden asennusvaihtoehdot: Jäähakkulenkit, puristushihnat, Materiaalisilmukka(t) pohjassa, Kepinkiinnitysliitteet, juomapullonpidike
Repun paino: 2050  g
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