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Ultimate Via Ferrata Set, musta

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LACD Ultimate Via Ferrata Set, musta

With its Ultima Ferrata set, LACD offers a via ferrata set that inspires with its great handling and safety. The Via Ferrata set is designed for a large weight range between 40 kg (without luggage) and 120 kg (including luggage). Its UHMPE belt drop damper guarantees excellent tearing properties over the entire length and thus enables controlled braking. The LACD via ferrata set is equipped with two elastic arms and the large and ergonomically shaped via ferrata karabiners. The handling of the karabiners is simple, energy-saving and very safe due to the double mechanism. To open the karabiner, the palm switch and the catch must be operated simultaneously. This is done by simply closing the fist when clipping the wire rope from above. This also works if the karabiners are pressed together with the thumb on the snapper and the other fingers on the palm switch. When released, the karabiner locks automatically. The karabiner does not open if you only press the catch or the palm switch. The fingers of the Ultimate karabiner are far away from the steel cable, making it difficult to pinch the fingers. The Ultimate karabiner is completely made of aluminium and steel. It also does without plastic parts that could break. With a breaking load of 28 kN when closed and 16 kN when open, the aluminium karabiner offers high safety reserves. The Ultimate karabiners have also been tested for bending loads in accordance with UIAA 121. In practice, the LACD via ferrata set convinces with its comfortable handling and ergonomic shape.

UHMPE is the abbreviation for Ultra-High-Molecularweight Polyethylene. These are fibres made from particularly long polyethylene chains.
The properties of UHMPE, compared to other fibres used in mountaineering equipment, are: high breaking strength, low volume and weight, low water absorption, fully static (low elongation), high UV resistance but also a low melting point.


  • From a weight of 40 kg
  • Total user weight maximum 120 kg


Via Ferrata
Tyyppi: Y-muotoReisi: joustavaReisivyön tyyppi: köysikahvatJarru: nykäyksenvaimennin
Käyttötarkoitus: kiipeilykarbiiniKiinnityksen tyyppi: pikalukko kädellä avattavissa
Turvamerkinnät: EN 958 (2017)

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