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MT1 Monikäyttökypärä Sis. BR80, musta/harmaa

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    • musta/harmaa
    • musta
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    € 109,95
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LIVALL MT1 Monikäyttökypärä Sis. BR80, musta/harmaa

Smart and robust - the ideal helmet for mountain bikers.
Thanks to high safety, helpful technical features and the light construction you can rock every trail with this smart bicycle helmet. Safety and riding fun play an important role on mountain bikes. The MT1 offers you both. Special sensors register shocks during a fall and automatically inform the emergency contact - so you are always on the safe side even on lonely forest paths. In addition, many useful functions can be activated via an ergonomic remote control on the handlebar.

The smart light on the back of the helmet, for example, can light up in two modes: As a bright LED taillight or as a helpful indicator for road traffic. So you are well equipped not only offroad but also in the city. On top of that, a wind-protected headset enables interference-free communication, targeted navigation announcements and music playback. Thanks to the ingenious loudspeaker, you always have your favourite track in your ears on your favourite trail. The MT1 is the epitome of the smart bicycle helmet and takes you safely along forest, forest and meadow paths.

The 8 RGB LEDs on the back are striking and can be used for different applications. While riding, they function as tail lights and help the rider stay well seen at night. One touch of a button switches them to signal mode to indicate to traffic that you want to turn. No other manufacturer offers something like this and it considerably increases road safety.

Driving over long distances has never been easier. Between 2 Livall helmets you can easily communicate via one button without incurring telephone costs. The walkie-talkie works like a radio, so you can quickly and easily coordinate the next break or the route with your friends and fellow riders.

The built-in speakers and microphone make it a full-featured headset that won't stop you from riding, unlike headphones. The speakers placed above the ears in the Livall MT 1 offer a range of uses from navigation announcements to listening to music and making calls while riding. The wind-protected microphone allows your voice to be heard regardless of weather.

A fall sensor is integrated in the Livall BH60, which detects external shocks and sends an SOS message in an emergency. All functions can be controlled via the remote control on the handlebars. allowing you to concentrate on riding.


  • 8 RGB LED taillights, 3 LED flashing lights for turning instructions
  • Handlebar remote control with start button (music play/pause/stop, on/off switch), volume + (next track), volume - (previous track)
  • BLE4.0+ HFP/HSP/A2DP, up to 10m range
  • Speaker Stereo, 2 x 0.5 W
  • Microphone "-39db" Microphone, windscreen
  • Battery 380mAH, up to 10 hours operating time, 180 days standby, 2 hours charging time
  • Micro USB, charging socket (5V/0.5A)


MTB-aloittelijat/Tour, Marathon/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Allround / Aloittelija, Tour / Cross Country, Maraton / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro
Miehet, Naiset
Kypärän rakenne
Visiri/suoja irrotettavissa
valaistus, Heijastin
310 g

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