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nortik scubi 2 Kajakki, light grey/black (2020)

ID: 358847
1 599 €
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  • 50 000 TUOTETTA - 450 MERKKIÄ

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The scubi family follows one slogan “Just paddle: the concept scubi!” The scubi 2 is also designed for recreational paddling and all scubis are very versatile and very good performer in the water. Assembling is very fast and your scuba is ready for action in just minutes. You can paddle the boat as a double kayak as well as solo. Both of the two comfortable hanging seats are as well as the lateral retainers already integrated in the boat, so they don’t have to be installed or removed. Under the seats are two little ribs applied. The preinstalled thigh straps provide a good and save grip in the boat.

It is a kayak with finest hybrid technology that needs only a minimum of frame parts to generate stiffness and a perfect tracking in the water. The bottom isn’t made of air elements and thus allows a draught in the water which leads to the good tracking result. Think of an inflatable kayak with a flat bottom – that boat is always only on the water surface and affected by wind, waves and stream – not in the water like a scubi with the hybrid technology. Its tracking is much better and you need less energy to reach your destination, because your kayak runs with draught in the water. A very important advantage!

The sides are made of high pressure air tubes, which you can inflate with the air pump incl. manometer that you find within the scope of delivery. It is this combination out of air elements and frame structure with the consistent keel, which grants the excellent paddling quality. The air elements provide more security and high tilt stability, which is a great advantage in recreational use. The air tubes have an operating pressure of 0.25 bar (3.6 psi). Two relief valves give additional security. With a length of 4.55 m the scubi 2 is a compact two seater with enough space for gear for a day or weekend-trip.

The versatile usage makes the scubi 2 the perfect companion while traveling, camping, on vacation with the plane or also for the paddling tours “in between” in front of your door or over the weekend. In the accessories you find a deck for both variants (solo and double) if necessary. With the two-person-deck two spray skirts are also included for protect you from splash water. If necessary the scubi 2 can be equipped with a rudder system, which is designed to be used in operation both double and solo.

The materials are a high-quality PVC/PU-Mixture for the hull and black lacquered aluminium for the frame. For additional protection, the scubi 2 comes with an installed keel strip on the bottom, which prevents abrasion. The scubi 2 is packed in a compact carry bag with backpack function, which can easily be transported in bus or train to the next place at the water. A few minutes later you already sitting in the boat and can start – easy and with a lot of paddling fun.


  • Air elements provide safety and a high stability
  • the lateral air hoses have an operating pressure of 0,25 bar (3.6 psi) when in use
  • compact two-seater
  • ideal for recreational use on calm waters
  • flexible usage options
  • ideal companion on trips, camping, holiday and plane trips
  • Outer layer made of durable and tear-resistant PVC material
  • Outer material has an installed keel strip, which protects against abrasion
  • Construction time approx. 15 minutes
  • Cockpit size, approx 365 x 45 cm
  • Material rod: aluminium
  • Scope of delivery: pannier with backpack function, air pump with pressure gauge, seats, installed keel strip, side D-rings, repair set
  • Optional accessories: 2-person hood incl. 2 spray aprons, solo hood, steering system, paddle nortik Allround Fiberglass or Tour Carbon
Käyttötarkoitus: meri, järvi, joki
Vesistötyyppi: tyyniin vesiin, virtaaviin vesiin, rauhallisiin vesiin, voimakkaasti virtaaviin vesiin, kevyt aallokko
pakattava: kyllä
Istumapaikkojen määrä: 2
Tyyppi: kajakki
Rakenne: taitettava
Ulkomateriaali: PVC  
Enimmäislasti: 225 kg
Ulkomitat (P x L): 455 x 92
Mitat pakattuna (P x L): 100 x 48 x 26
Paino (noin)
18  kg
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