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Pakboats Puffin Saranac Kajakki täyspaketti, yellow/black (2020)

ID: 772395
1 899 €
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Did you ever wish you could take a kayak along and go paddling wherever you like? This is what you can do with the Pakboats Puffins. And the best: they can pack into a very compact and lightweight bag for travel or storage.

The Puffin Saranac is a light recreational touring kayak with comfort and stability that will please both novice and experienced paddlers. Fine tuning over the years has resulted in a 3rd generation of Puffins that are longer and faster and with almost no weight gain. Styling has been modernized, and assembly has become much easier. Puffins feature tensioned gunwales that add significant stiffness. The superbly comfortable seats have been adopted from the Quest touring kayak line.

Extremely versatile
Puffins are open sit-ontops for fishing or for days when no deck is needed, but each one can be outfitted with a deck that protects you from splash water, rain or coldness. In fact, the 480 cm Puffin Saranac can be configured for one or two paddlers, and there is a deck available to match each configuration. There is no need to upset the trim by solo paddling a double kayak from the stern cockpit. The Saranac will even let you place a bow seat extra far forward when the bow person is a small child.

Unique Design
Structurally, Puffins are a blend of framed and inflatable construction. Dual-cell inflatable tubes on each side between the skin and the frame hold the skin in tension and provide ample secure flotation in case of a capsize, and an internal, anodized, aluminium frame gives the hull efficient lines that could not be achieved with inflatable structure alone. With inflatable tubes, the aluminium frame can be simpler, which reduces weight and cost and makes assembly easier. Because Puffins have removable decks, each end can be open to provide unobstructed access to storage areas, so loading and unloading gear is a snap. The hull is made of Polyurethane (PU) and very robust, light-weight and more environmental-friendly than e.g. PVC-materials. The hull is outfitted with a keel stripe to protect against abrasion. The Saranac comes with a removable skeg as a standard.

Puffin Saranac 480 cm in length, the Saranac offers the versatility of carrying two people on day trips or a solo paddler with a couple of weeks’ worth of camping gear. Use it without a deck to go fishing or with a deck for protection from the elements. You can even chose between a solo and a double deck. It is no surprise that the Saranac's versatility has made it the most popular Puffin ever.


  • Skin material: polyurethane
  • Material rod: aluminium
  • Construction time: ~10-15 min.
  • Cockpit dimensions: 385 x 58 cm
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Pakboats Puffin Saranac. 2x 4-pcs. nortik allround fiberglass paddle with 230 cm length. 2-person hood in yellow
Käyttötarkoitus: meri, järvi, joki
Vesistötyyppi: tyyniin vesiin, virtaaviin vesiin, rauhallisiin vesiin, voimakkaasti virtaaviin vesiin, kevyt aallokko, voimakkaaseen aallokkoon
pakattava: kyllä
Istumapaikkojen määrä: 2
Tyyppi: kajakki
Rakenne: taitettava
Enimmäislasti: 180 kg
Ulkomitat (P x L): 480 x 71
Mitat pakattuna (P x L): 75 x 30 x 40
Paino (noin)
13.2  kg
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