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Maier Sports
Maier Sports Lulaka Trousers
"They fitted perfectly and I found the roll-up option very handy."
Nicole | Product Content Team, Photography Production Assistent
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Maier Sports Lulaka Trousers

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Lulaka Trousers from Maier Sports – Flawless Trousers for Long Walks

Our colleague Nicole got the chance to indulge in her hiking passion with these special new trousers from Maier Sports. An all-weather hiker, the versatile nature of the trousers really suited Nicole. She managed to test them in all kinds of weather conditions including hot and cold temperatures, rain, wind and even snow. Nicole works with us in the photography studio making sure all our products are accompanied with excellent pictures. She devotes her spare time to hiking in the Swabian Alps or pursuing her love for sports car photography. Below you’ll find her review of the Luluka trousers from Maier Sports:

I have been an enthusiastic hiker for many years. Mountains, forests, lakes and rivers fascinate me. Meeting people who enjoy hiking is always very enjoyable. I enjoy every minute of the fresh air and with the appropriate equipment; there is no obstacle to an undisturbed hike.

First Impressions

I often go hiking and require appropriate trousers, jackets, shoes and shirts that are versatile enough to suit changing weather conditions. Since I wanted to buy a new pair of outdoor trousers anyway, the offer to test a pair came at the right time. The Luluka trousers impressed me from the moment I removed them from the packaging. The trousers are quite light and felt very comfortable to hold. After initially putting them on and stretching a little, I was pleased to notice that the trousers fit perfectly. I was immediately excited to try them out.

The Practice Test

As I said, the weather never gets in the way of my hiking trips. I wore the trousers for a walk along the "Traufgänge" trail in the Swabian Alps.

My route took me through many different environments including across rocky terrain and through tall grass, mud and snow. The trousers were able to handle the conditions allowing me to concentrate on enjoying the views and nature.

Immediately I felt I was able to enjoy every step. I was thrilled by the freedom of movement and there was a noticeable lack of material friction. No matter at which pace, the elastic material allowed movement without restriction. The trousers got wet in the rain and snow, but they dried extremely quickly. The quality of material was apparent – rain literally bounced off the trousers.

My enthusiasm for these trousers extends to the features. They come complete with a belt that can be easily opened and closed. Furthermore, the pants have three large pockets, two side pockets and a spacious, zipped pocket on the right thigh. The trousers can be rolled up thanks to fastening which is perfect for warmer temperatures.


Had I known about these great outdoor trousers before, I would have bought them much sooner. I am absolutely amazed by the outstanding price-performance ratio of the Luluka Pants from Maier Sports. They are ideal for not only hiking trips but also for leisure and cycling. They also proved comfortable when I wore them whilst taking photos of sports cars.

Maier Sports - The right choice for your outdoor experience

Maier Sports is a leading manufacturer of outdoor clothing. Fashionable and functional, the clothing is particularly recommended for mountaineering and hiking. Maier Sports products are distinguished by the choice of excellent materials and design quality. Outdoor apparel by Maier Sports defies wind and weather and offers the necessary freedom of movement. To get the most out of your outdoor experiences, choose Maier Sports.

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