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Icebug Oribi rb9x Shoes
Melanie | Online Marketing
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Icebug Oribi rb9x Shoes

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Swimrunning tests endurance and offers multidiscipline adventures – and when you add beautiful scenery into the mix too you end up with a really great competition. For Melanie, who works for our website marketing and promotions team, this is a winning combination. Melanie started out as a big fan of multi-day trips, before starting running last year. She took part in her first Swimrace competition that same autumn. In addition to her newfound love for this unique sport, Melanie also devotes herself to yoga and hiking.

Before my first Swimrun competition – a 15 kilometer sprint – I had no major experience of the sport. On the other hand, I had undertaken multi-day trips in Norway, the Alps, Patagonia and New Zealand. I’d realised that the best holiday for me involves nature, whilst in my everyday life, running provides the perfect balance. This year I’ve entered several competitions in both running and Swimrun. Testing the Icebugs Oribi rb9x fit perfectly into my training for the season.

First impressions

Last year I bought Icebugs Acceleritas, for swimrunning, which I really appreciated for their low weight and good fit. So, I had quite high expectations for these new shoes. However, Oribi lived up to them all the same. These are very light and the fit is really awesome. The best thing about the shoes is the special lacing that makes them easy to lace on and take off. Despite the low weight, you really get the feeling of a stable shoe, thanks to a thin mesh that sits tightly around your foot. In my everyday shoes I usually wear a size 40.5, but as usual with running shoes it’s good to choose one size bigger and I found that 41.5 suited me perfectly. The craftsmanship is incredibly good – I see no evidence of gluing and the seams are well-worked.

The practical test

I tested the shoes for a month; about twice a week over a distance of 8-12 kilometers at a time. The spring weather varied so much that they were used in the sun and rain, from 5 to 20 °C. Most of the time I ran through the woods and on forest trails, but I also tested them on rocky trails and across meadow grassland. On rainy and humid days the ground was often muddy and the roots were slippery. I also wore them during shopping trips and yoga sessions, as the stylish colour fitted in with a sporty everyday style.

I wore special running socks in the shoes. At first I laced the shoe all the way up because the thin tongue felt uncomfortable. But after I left the first hole unlaced, the shoe felt perfect and the tongue didn’t distract me anymore.

Because the shoe is so thin, it doesn’t press against your ankle. It doesn’t work perfectly on asphalt, and you can tell it’s definitely a terrain shoe. The ground in the woods felt much better underfoot than the road. Icebug is known for their sleek and grippy soles and I can definitely agree that they grab really well on damp soil.


I have never had such light trail running shoes, and despite the low weight they are incredibly comfortable – without limits! Compared to Acceleritas, the Oribi RB9X has better damping and I think it's much more beautiful. I would recommend it to ambitious runners with normal or narrow feet.

Icebug– Secure grip & worry free

Since 2001, Swedish footwear brand Icebug has created shoes with one goal in mind – to increase the possibility and safety of outdoor activities. Their shoes give you unlimited freedom of movement and confidence in your steps, especially when conditions are tough - during the winter on asphalt, in unbound mountain terrain and on slippery rocky hills.

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