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Bora AR 49 Backpack
"The feel and support of the Arc'teryx Bora’s pack suspension system is simply unbeatable!"
Patricia - Senior Product Content Manager

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Arc'teryx Bora AR 49 Backpack



The Santiago de Compostela , also known as ‘St James’s Way’, is one of the most popular pilgrimage routes in Europe. Patricia from our PCM team has just come back from Spain having walked the route. She took with her the Arc’teryx Bora AR, a weatherproof and durable trekking rucksack with a capacity of 50 litres. As you’ll find out, it’s the perfect companion for exactly this kind of trek. As a senior product content manager for outdoor products, Patricia knows exactly the kind of gear that should be sold on When she’s not updating the latest products with descriptions, specific details, pictures and videos, she is regularly out in the wilderness hiking and camping. Read on to find out how she got on with the rucksack.

The feeling you get when you spend time in nature is the most normal feeling in the world for me - I am a real outdoor junkie! Whether on foot, on horseback or walking with my dog – I love it all! In the past couple of years I have had a few extended trips away including hiking tours in Germany, Austria and most recently Spain. I am fascinated by nature in all its forms – I can’t get enough of it!

First impressions

I’ve a lot of experience in dealing with trekking bags, since I’ve been travelling on foot in Europe for several years. I also regularly deal with backpacks at work but must admit to never actually owning a backpack similar to the Bora AR before. When I first had the Bora AR in my hand I was able to get a real understanding for the kind of bag it is. I immediately felt that it would be the perfect backpack for my tour of the north of Spain.

The test

Every year I plan to discover new places on foot. This time I found myself on the Atlantic coast on the pilgrimage route of the Santiago de Compostela. I walked nearly 300 kilometers through mountainous terrain in muggy and damp weather. For such trekking tours you need a large, robust and weatherproof backpack such as the Bora AR from Arc'teryx. Travelling alone, I had to transport not only changes of clothes and hygiene items but also a tent, a camping mat, a sleeping bag, a cooker and much more. I had to carry up to 17kg daily which was no effort at all thanks to the well-functioning strap system on the backpack.

Before I began my trip, I adjusted the Bora AR to my stature. I started with the shoulder straps, which feature an innovative plug-in connection that manages the weight of the backpack whilst you wear it. The shoulder width and back length can be easily adjusted too. I also adjusted the waist belt and other smaller straps. I was then able to fully appreciate the benefits of Bora AR.

The wide and softly padded hip and shoulder straps felt very comfortable. The sturdy back plate gives the rucksack additional stability. The waist belt strap offers unrivalled comfort thanks to the hugely innovative plug connection which manages the backpacks weight when navigating tough ascents and descents. The backpack sits firmly on your back at all times. Also worth mentioning is the durable and largely waterproof material of the bag. It was never necessary to use extra rain cover despite the frequent showers in northern Spain. Everything remained dry inside.

The only small drawback which I noticed was the fact the shoulder strap makes an audible noise as it rubs against your lower back. I was able to easily eliminate the creaking with tape however.


Arc'teryx's Bora AR backpack offers a lot of space for all the equipment you need. It’s perfect for a trip such as the Santiago de Compostela when you need to bring a lot of equipment. I can recommend this reliable backpack to everyone. The innovative strap system with the movable hip fin is a real highlight. The quality of design and the innovative features really do justify this backpack’s price tag.

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