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Salewa Fanes TW CLT
Hood Jacket
„When it was cold and windy outside, this hooded jacket kept me nice and warm.“
Kristin, Marketing Coordinator in Purchasing
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Salewa Fanes TW CLT Hood Jacket


Salewa Fanes TW CLT Hood Jacket

Many of us love to go hiking after work, on the weekend or during our holidays. Whether it's the Alps, the Fichtel Mountains or just on the way home from work – as long as the clothing is right – every meter is a joy. Our workmate Kristin knows this all too well and has loved lacing up her hiking boots and hitting the trails since her childhood. So when she offered to test the Salewa Fanes TW CLT Hood Jacket during her autumn outdoor adventures, we knew she’d be great. But how would the Salewa jacket live up to her expectations? Find out what she thought here.

Hiking for hours in the mountains, whatever the weather, is the best way for me to relax. Here I can escape from everyday life and just enjoy the peace and quiet and the feeling of moving my body. I also love being able to see far into the distance, to let the power of the mountains wash over me and to stand at the summit and look back across the valley after a strenuous climb.

During the very changeable and cold weather of the last few weeks, it’s been important for me to always have a warm hooded jacket to hand during my sometimes hours-long hikes.

First Impressions

In the past, I’d already had good experiences with Salewa jackets and I knew that I’d need one size up so that it wouldn’t be too tight on my body. At the first fitting, the jacket fit perfectly on the shoulders, arms and chest area, and was only a little loose at the waist. I was also immediately struck by the different pattern of the quilted sections, which created a kind of two-tone colour. I was curious to see just how well the new TirolWool-Celliant material would work in practice. This new wool/synthetic fibre mix from Salewa is designed to reflect as much body heat as possible – keeping the wearer warmer for longer, even during low levels of activity. For a natural icecube like me, this sounded like a promising innovation.

The Actual Test

Some of my longer hikes took me to Mount Wallberg on the shores of Lake Tegernsee and into the Fichtel Mountains. Temperatures ranged between 5 and 15 degrees and conditions included rain, sunshine and wind: the optimal conditions for a jacket like the Salewa Fanes TW CLT Hood.

If it was cold in the mountains, then it was mostly the result of different strong winds. With the jacket hood up though, I couldn’t feel the cold at all. The TirolWool-Celliant material kept me comfortable even if I took a long break. The fact that the jacket was a bit wider around my middle didn’t seem to make a difference. If it gets colder outside in the next few weeks, I can imagine using this jacket as a midlayer under my hardshell. This combination would probably then completely rule out feeling the freeze.

On my way through the colourful autumn scenery, of course, there wasn’t just bad weather. From time to time, the sun showed its face and made it much warmer. When this happened I packed the jacket down small and stashed it in its included pack bag. It didn’t take up much space in my backpack at all.

What is more typical for autumn weather is the rain. Whilst slight drizzle couldn‘t harm the jacket, when it started to rain more heavily I trusted my hardshell, which I pulled over it.

What continued to impress me was the fact that no matter what movements I made in the jacket, there were no annoying noises. What I missed however, was a zipper garage on the chin. I scratched myself a few times when the zipper was completely done up.



The Salewa Fanes TW CLT Hood was a great jacket to test and I know it’ll be coming with me on cold future walks and commutes. I can definitely recommend this jacket to all mountain hiking enthusiasts for use in autumn weather, because in addition to the jacket’s great heat management, the low weight, the small pack size and the high wearing comfort also really impressed me.

Salewa – Get Vertical

Salewa is one of the leading mountaineering equipment suppliers in Europe and was founded in 1935. With their extremely functional, incredibly light and high-quality products, Salewa knows exactly how to impress passionate mountaineers year after year. They design innovative clothing and equipment for speed hiking, alpine mountaineering, alpine trekking, alpine climbing, ski mountaineering and alpine life.


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