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Cheos Ski And Snowboard Helmet blue
"If you’re looking for a great Ski helmet with clever features, this is the one”
Beatrice, Purchaser

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Fast descents, picturesque panoramas and cosy après ski evenings - we love winter sports! Whether it’s skis or a snowboard under your feet, whizzing down a freshly groomed slope brings a smile to everyone's face. But amidst all the fun, don’t forget to stay safe: a helmet is an absolute must! This is where our product of the month comes in, because this time we’ve put the Alpina Cheos helmet through its paces. We enlisted our buyer Beatrice for this noble challenge – a keen skier for over 20 years. She keeps our camping range up to date and well-priced, and was previously a Ski Helmet product manager. So, who better suited for this test than her? Here's what the pro has to say about our February product of the month.

First Impressions

The test of the Alpina Cheos couldn’t have come at a better time. I like to stay up to date with the latest technology and wanted a new helmet for my upcoming skiing holiday in Ischgl (Tyrol, Austria). Also, the safety features of helmets are diminished by influences such as UV radiation over the years. So, I was really looking forward to my test and was curious about how the helmet would perform in practice.
My first impression of the Cheos was fully positive. High-quality workmanship and a discreet design make you hungry for more. Size-wise, I opted for the 55-59 cm version. At the first try-on the helmet was still a little loose. As far as the fit is concerned, I’m not easy to satisfy and it’s often difficult for me to find exactly the right fit with a helmet. So, I really liked the flexible adjustment system. By turning the centrally placed wheel, the headband was easily made tighter or wider. With Alpina’s 3D-Fit adjustment system you can position the headband higher or lower at the back of the head – meaning you can achieve a really individual and accurate fit. Adjusting the height wasn’t the easiest, but seeing as you usually only have to do this once, it's not a big deal.

I found the attachment of the nicely thin chin pad very clever – it can’t slip due to an eyelet feature. The pads on the ears can be removed when you don’t need them, which is pretty liberating, especially in warmer temperatures! Also, the lining can be taken out and washed with lukewarm water - so the inside of the helmet stays clean even after long-term use. MORE FROM ALPINA

The Test

I tested the helmet over three days in a variety of conditions. Skiing Ischgl has a lot to offer –I got full value for money when it came to carving! This helmet offered the safety I needed to be able to concentrate 100% on enjoying the action.

The Alpina Cheos met all the expectations that I have of a good ski helmet. The locking system on the chin and the size adjustment dial were still easy to operate with gloves on. Even after a few shocks and bumps the size adjustment system stayed in my chosen setting. In particularly cold weather, the helmet offers enough room to comfortably wear a ski mask with. When it gets too hot, large ventilation ducts can be opened and closed with a slider – ensuring you keep a cool head.

Granted, the Alpina Cheos isn’t the cheapest ski helmet out there, but it doesn’t have any weaknesses! If you’re a fan of the design, you can’t go wrong here.



With the Cheos, Alpina has designed a solid helmet that lives up to its lofty promises. I especially appreciated its excellent ventilation system, which prevented me from ever getting too hot ‘under the hood’. But the many other thoughtful details, such as the removable lining and the good size settings, also impressed me. In combination with the right Alpina glasses, the helmet offers double the fun. In short, if you’re looking for a great Ski helmet with clever features, this is the one.

Alpina – Helmets & Eyewear With Tradition

Alpina started out in 1980 as a small sports eyewear manufacturer in Friedberg-Derching, near Augsburg. Today, the combination of innovative ideas and casual-cool aesthetics in their glasses and helmets inspires customers from all over the world. Alpina products are characterised by their excellent wearing comfort, optimal protection and state-of-the-art technologies.

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