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Assaut2 Tent, sininen/harmaa

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    • sininen/harmaa
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Samaya Assaut2 Tent, sininen/harmaa

The Samaya ASSAUT2 8K tent is designed for climbing the most vertical faces. Extremely reliable and resistant, the technologies used have been optimised for use in extreme cold.

Once you have left your base camp, the Samaya ASSAUT2 8K will serve you during your acclimatization and your final ascent attempts. Its shape as well as its assembly allows it to adapt to small bends or edges. The 4 reflective shrouds and the 4 side attachment points guarantee a perfect fit of the tent even in very strong winds.

The two large side pockets plus the removable ceiling pocket allow you to store all the gear you need. Fully adjustable high vents on the inside ensure that the tent is oxygenated where air is scarce and guarantee perfect condensation management.

Without compromising on comfort, lightness and performance, an emphasis was placed on durability in the development of the Samaya ASSAUT2 tent. To withstand heavy snowfalls, the structure is made of DAC FeatherLite NFL 9.3 mm aluminium poles.

The 37.5 thermoregulation technology added to the membrane minimizes heat loss to the outside and thus increases the inside temperature by a few degrees. Beyond comfort, this phenomenon will promote the evacuation of humidity which will prevent you from waking up with a layer of frost on the inside wall of your tent.

Samaya Assaut2 8K Wall
The monolithic polyurethane membrane of the Samaya ASSAUT2 8K tent has been developed and optimized to meet the requirements of use in extreme environments, where conditions are cold and dry at very high altitudes. Its properties guarantee high performance with waterproofness to 20,000 mm and breathability to 20,000 g/m²/24h. Moisture transfer is activated by a chemical process depending on the temperature/humidity gradient between the inside and outside of the tent.

Combining the 37.5 dynamic thermoregulation technology with the Polyurethane membrane speeds up the process of evacuating the ambient humidity present inside the tent. Where water ices very quickly, the combination of these two technologies strongly limits the formation of frost inside your tent.

The active particles of 37.5 applied to the Polyurethane membrane cause two unique processes that no other technology can create. Firstly, they attract water via electrostatic force. Second, they absorb the infrared energy naturally emitted by human activity, which, by heating these particles, accelerates evaporation. In addition, because of their shape, these active particles significantly increase the surface area available on the walls.

Dyneema Floor
The Dyneema composite was chosen by Samaya for the flooring of the ALPINE range of tents and assault tents because of its exceptional properties. It is a laminated textile consisting of mono-filaments of UHMWPE fibre and two layers of Mylar.

Dyneema filaments superimposed at 90° to each other provide the mechanical qualities of the fabric and enable it to contain tears in the event of perforation. The two sheets of Mylar join the fabric together and provide excellent abrasion resistance and an unprecedented waterproofness of 20,000 mm. In addition to its performance, this material is very easily repairable, which increases the lifespan of Samaya products.


  • Floor fabric: Dyneema Composite Fabric 43 g/m²
  • Wall fabric: PU membrane 37.5 technology 3-layer laminate
  • Removable roof fabric: Dyneema Composite Fabric 18 g/m²
  • Entrance door: adjustable, water-repellent Aquaguard YKK zip and Dyneema flap
  • Floor corners: Cordura and Dyneema reinforcement
  • Hooks Swiss Piranha RT120 (x8) FeatherLite
  • Repair kit Repair hose (x1) + Repair kit (x1)
  • Covers: Dyneema core, adjustable and reflective (x4)
  • Lifeline: Dyneema Blue Ice harness 10 mm, 60 cm (22 kN)
  • Optional accessories ASSAUT2 Dyneema Vestibule, ASSAUT2 Nylon Vestibule, Footprint2.0
  • Seams are 100% waterproof


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Käyttötarkoitus: vaellus, vuoristo-olosuhteisiinpuhallettava: eiTyyppi: kupolitelttaHenkilöiden / makuupaikkojen lukumäärä: 2
Sisätila (P x L x K): 220 x 110 x 100Mitat pystytettynä (P x L): 220 x 110Teltan kokonaispaino: 1510 gMitat pakattuna (P x L): 20 x 15
Telttahuoneiden lukumäärä: 1Varustelu: Sisätaskut
3 x DAC NFL 9.3 mm
Runko: alumiiniMaavaate: 100 % polyetyleeniTeltan ulkopuoli: 100 % polyamidiPinnoite: PU
Ulkopinnan vesipatsasarvo: 20000 mmMaavaatteen vesipatsasarvo: 20000 mm
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Tarvike: Kantolaukku, Korjaussarja

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