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Ladoga 1 Advanced Kajakki Täysi setti, red/black

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    • red/black
    • grey/black
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Triton advanced Ladoga 1 Advanced Kajakki Täysi setti, red/black

Due to its characteristics, the Ladoga 1 advanced is a typical all-rounder with a tendency to the category of sea kayaks. With 490 cm it is slightly shorter than a classic sea kayak, the focus of the shape is however on the direction stability rather than agility. Compared to narrower sea kayaks, the  wider cockpit area not only ensures a great deal of stability on the water, but also has a positive effect on the controllability. The Ladoga 1 advanced is therefore the right kayak for many situations.
Whether it's the river, the sea or the coast, the Ladoga 1 advanced allows you to conquer everything, being not to specialized on one of the possible uses.

 The soft top can be removed for easy loading and unloading. A watertight sealable loading hatch installed in the bow area. Due to its low and straight outline, it also reacts stable and with an excellent tracking behavior on side wind and waves.
The forming, integrated air tubes ensure a high stability and also guarantee unsinkability. For longer trips, the Ladoga 1 advanced offers enough luggage space and load capacity. And the best thing: Like all other Triton advanced folding boats, the Ladoga 1 advanced can be stored in just one bag and easily transported. This way, your hands remain free for your travel luggage.

The boat consists of 5 cross bows, a full keel and two side air hoses. At the bow and stern, the V-shape forms out strongly and ensures smooth running and sprinting. In the area of ​​the cockpit, on the other hand, the shape changes into a flatter structure and results in the enormous stability on the water. A symbiosis that is also achieved by the very special design of the shaping air hoses which no other manufacturer has mastered in this perfection. For longer trips, the kayak offers sufficient luggage space and load capacity. At the bow the boat has a wave deflector.

As with all Triton advanced models, the Ladoga 1 is equipped with a boom system with a boom system that keeps you really stable on the water. The light and effective nortik kayak sail can also be easily installed on the Ladoga 1 advanced!

Ladoga 1 advanced comes as a complete kit. This means that the control system, the packing bag, the removable top, the suspension seat, the D-rings on the deck, the decking, the round rope, the repair kit and the ladders on the front deck are just as well Installed keel and reinforcement strips and the multifunctional holder on the front deck. If necessary, you can also find the matching spraying skirt made of nylon or high-quality thermal PU, hatch cover, sea sock and sails in the accessories.


  • Cockpit size, approx (cm) 76.5 x 35 cm
  • Cockpit size, approx (cm, open) 224 x 36.5 cm
  • robust Duralumin pushrods
  • standard installed keel strips protect against abrasion
  • low and elongated outline
  • responds stably and truely, to side winds and waves
  • Cover can be removed for easy loading and unloading
  • installed waterproof lockable hatch in the bow
  • Hatch facilitates the distribution of the luggage to the front corners
  • the hatch also serves as a relief during assembly and disassembly
  • integrated and form-giving air tubes
  • Air tubes ensure high stability and guarantee they will not sink
  • provides sufficient luggage space and packing capacity
  • easy to carry, your hands remain free for travel luggage
  • Construction time approx. 25-30 min.
  • Sails with boom system can be purchased separately at your retailer


Käyttötarkoitus: järvi, joki, meriVesistötyyppi: tyyniin vesiin, virtaaviin vesiin, rauhallisiin vesiin, voimakkaasti virtaaviin vesiin, kevyt aallokko, voimakkaaseen aallokkoonpakattava: KylläIstumapaikkojen määrä: 1Tyyppi: kajakkiRakenne: taitettava
Enimmäislasti: 150 kgUlkomitat (P x L): 490 x 65Mitat pakattuna (P x L): 120 x 48 x 20
Paino (noin)
17.5 kg
Toimituksen sisältö
Toimituksen sisältö: steering gear, pack rucksack, canopy, hanging seat, installed keel strip, D-rings on deck, deck lashing, repair kit, multi-function holder, cargo hatch


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