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Triton advanced

Triton advanced Ladoga 2 Advanced Kajakki Täysi setti, grey/black (2020)

ID: 1209495
2 389 €
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Triton advanced Ladoga 2 Advanced Kajakki Täysi setti, grey/black
Triton advanced Ladoga 2 Advanced Kajakki Täysi setti, red/black
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  • 50 000 TUOTETTA - 450 MERKKIÄ

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Test winner and super tip in the big canoe magazine Zweier-Faltboot-Vergleichstest. Move out: "Driving technique of the Ladoga II advanced leaves nothing to be desired: Due to its low weight, the favourable length-width ratio and the long, sharp bow, the boat accelerated away from a standing start (...) and outperformed all competitors. Despite this outstanding performance, the Ladoga offers a sufficiently stable water position even for paddling beginners"

Keel strips are fitted as standard, which additionally protect the robust PVC-PU skin reliably against abrasion where there’s a high load. The removable hood makes loading and unloading easier. The boat is equipped with side air hoses. The Ladoga 2 advanced is one of the folding boat twins with one of the highest cruising speeds - if you like. This makes the boat particularly suitable for large waters and long distances.

Due to a low and stretched outline the kayak also reacts stable and true to track to crosswind and swell. The attached D-rings, as well as the cover line and an all-round line (life line) are also included in the standard scope of delivery. the boat has a water-resistant lockable hatch in the bow This makes it easier to distribute the luggage to the front corners and also makes it easier to assemble and disassemble the boat. The Ladoga 2 advanced is virtually unrivalled in the field of foldable sea kayaks and has almost complete standard equipment that leaves nothing to be desired!

Like all other Triton advanced boats, the Ladoga 2 advanced can be stowed and easily transported in just one packsack. Thanks to the high stiffness and the sporty crack of the boat it lies wonderfully in the water and gives a lot of pleasure! 

Solo Kit
The optionally available solo kit for the Ladoga 2 advanced turns the agile two-seater into a real Langeiner. After installation of the Solo-Kit a middle position can be taken. The kit consists of a solo canopy, hanging seat for the middle, half frame and the necessary coaming tubes and another ridge pole. An ideal addition if you want to paddle the boat alone.

The boat consists of 6 ribs, a double keel and two air hoses integrated into the sides. The boat has the typical Eski bow shape. At the bow and stern, the V-shaped keel is strongly formed and ensures smooth running and directional stability. In the cockpit area, on the other hand, the shape changes to a flatter structure, thus ensuring enormous stability on the water. A symbiosis that is also achieved by the very special design of the shaping air hoses, which no other manufacturer masters to such perfection. For longer tours it offers sufficient luggage space and loading capacity. At the bow the boat has a wave deflector.

The Ladoga 2 advanced comes as a complete set. This means that the steering system, the pack rucksack, the removable canopy (= easy loading), the hanging seats, D-rings on deck, deck lashing, repair kit and the cargo hatch on the front deck are included as well as installed keel and reinforcement strips. In the accessories you will find the matching spray skirts, hatch covers, sea socks or even the solo kit. Of course, a sail with boom system is also available for the Ladoga 2 advanced.

The kayak also comes in a "ready for nortik kayak sail" configuration. This means that there is a multi-function bracket on the front deck, which you will need if you want to install the innovative nortik kayak sail. It serves as a mast mount. But you can also use the multifunctional holder for many other things. Among other things, the all-round light from Navisafe can be easily attached to it. Left picture shows the light using the example of the Ladoga 2 advanced. The lamp has various lighting adjustment modes. The light can be installed or removed in one easy step.

The multi-function holder can also be retrofitted with little effort if you wish to retrofit it to older models. This is possible with almost all Triton advanced and nortik models.

Scope of delivery
Control system, Backpack, Convertible top, Hanging chair, installed keel strip, D-rings on deck, Cover Lining, Repair set, Multi-functional cradle, Loading hatch

Optional accessories
Apron Nylon, Apron Thermal-PU, Hatch covers, Rotating beacon, Sea socks Thermal-PU, Sails


  • Material: PVC/PU compound
  • Construction time approx. 30 min.
  • Cockpit size, approx: 490 x 65 cm, open: 327 x 43.5 cm
  • Material rod: aluminium
  • Keel strips, fitted as standard, protect skin from abrasion
  • detachable hood makes loading and unloading easier
  • equipped with side air bags
  • the boat has a water-resistant lockable hatch in the bow
  • Hatch facilitates the distribution of the luggage to the front corners
  • can be stored in one Pack backpack and easily transported
  • Thanks to their high level of rigidity and sporting split, it is perfect for the water
  • Sails with boom system can be purchased separately at your retailer
  • Optional accessories: Nylon apron, Thermal PU apron, hatch cover, Thermal PU socks, sails, solo kit, flashing light
Käyttötarkoitus: järvi, joki, meri
Vesistötyyppi: tyyniin vesiin, virtaaviin vesiin, rauhallisiin vesiin, voimakkaasti virtaaviin vesiin, kevyt aallokko, voimakkaaseen aallokkoon
Istumapaikkojen määrä: 2
Tyyppi: kajakki
Rakenne: taitettava
Enimmäislasti: 260 kg
Ulkomitat (P x L): 600 x 75
Mitat pakattuna (P x L): 120 x 48 x 25
Paino (noin)
28  kg
Toimituksen sisältö
steering gear, pack rucksack, canopy, hanging seats, installed keel strips, D-rings on deck, deck lashing, all-round rope, repair kit, cargo hatch  
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