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Triton advanced

Triton advanced Vuoksa 3 Advanced Kayak Complete Set, blue/black (2020)

ID: 397896
2 389 €
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Triton advanced Vuoksa 3 Advanced Kayak Complete Set, blue/black
Triton advanced Vuoksa 3 Advanced Kayak Complete Set, red/black
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  • 50 000 TUOTETTA - 450 MERKKIÄ

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The Vuoksa 3 advanced is one of the few affordable and relatively light three-seaters in the folding boat market. An ideal boat for families or for paddle couples who prefer a lot of space and / or take a lot of luggage. The Vuoksa 3 advanced can be paddled wonderfully by two or three people. If you use it as a two-person kayak, one paddler is usually sitting in the back and one in the foremost position. You can then stow your luggage comfortably in the middle of the boat. Of course, this can also be varied - find out what suits you best. If you paddle the boat with three adults, the space for additional loads is naturally reduced. Another variant are two adults and one or two children. If you want to take two children with you, you can install another seat backwards with the top removed and the whole family will fit into the boat!

The convertible top can be removed completely, making it easy to load and unload. On warm days and / or in calm waters, the roof can be dispensed with entirely if necessary.

The frame is made of aluminum and the hull is made of a resistant PVC / PU mixture. The UV-stable skin material has the advantages over pure PVC that it remains flexible even at cold temperatures and the skin is more resistant to abrasion. Of course, the Vuoksa 3 advanced also comes with keel strips installed as standard. The boat is equipped with side air hoses and is therefore extremely stable and unsinkable - an important criterion, especially for families. The three-seater is characterized by high rigidity and directional stability.

The load options are almost unlimited with a capacity of 350 kg and you can get your equipment stowed without difficulty. The foot control and the convertible top are already included in the scope of delivery. Like all folding boats of the Triton advanced series, the Vuoksa 3 advanced can be stowed in a pack (rucksack) sack and thus transported in a space-saving manner. The waist belt provides stability when you want to shoulder the boat.

The boat consists of 5 frames, a double keel and two laterally integrated air hoses. The flat hull shape ensures enormous tilting stability and easy maneuverability. The V-shaped pronounced bow and stern areas provide guidance on the water. The control system makes paddling both on narrower rivers and in open waters with a lot of cross wind more comfortable and easy to use. The boat also has a water deflector at the bow. For longer tours, the Vuoksa 3 advanced offers plenty of luggage space and loading capacity.

The Vuoksa 3 advanced comes as a complete set. This means that the control system, the pack backpack, the removable hood (= simple loading), the comfort seats, D-rings on the hood, deck lining and repair kit are just as much a part of it as the keel and reinforcement strips installed.

If required, you will also find the matching spray aprons, sea socks, hatch covers, multifunctional brackets and all-round lights in the accessories. Of course, sails with a boom system are also available for the Vuoksa 3 advanced. The nortik kayak sail sail system can also be installed on the Vuoksa 3 advanced.

Scope of delivery
Steering system, backpack, 2-person soft top, comfort seats, installed keel strips, canopy lines, repair set.

Optional accessories
Apron, hatch cover, solo deck, sails.


  • Material: PVC/PU compound
  • Construction time approx. 25-30 min.
  • Cockpit size, approx 71.5 x 38 cm, open: 334 x 58.5 cm
  • Material rod: aluminium
  • fitted with standard installed keel strips
  • with side air bags, stable against tipping and unsinkable
  • High rigidity and stability
  • Foot control and hood included in the delivery
  • can be stowed and transported a Pack(Ruck)sack
  • Belt provides stability, if one wants to shoulder the boat
  • plenty of luggage space and capacity for longer trips
  • Sails with boom system can be purchased separately at your retailer
Käyttötarkoitus: meri, järvi, joki
Vesistötyyppi: tyyniin vesiin, virtaaviin vesiin, rauhallisiin vesiin, voimakkaasti virtaaviin vesiin, kevyt aallokko, voimakkaaseen aallokkoon
pakattava: kyllä
Istumapaikkojen määrä: 3
Tyyppi: kajakki
Rakenne: taitettava
Ulkomateriaali: PVC  
Enimmäislasti: 350 kg
Ulkomitat (P x L): 580 x 95
Mitat pakattuna (P x L): 120 x 48 x 35
Paino (noin)
29.5  kg
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