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Avington II 600XL Tent, sininen/harmaa

ID: 1401933

€ 639,95 EUR
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    • sininen/harmaa

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Vango Avington II 600XL Tent, sininen/harmaa

The Vango Avington II 600XL, 6-man tunnel tent is functional and stylish. It is a perfect choice for campers who want a spacious tent that can sleep up to 6 people. The integrated canopy provides a welcome shelter from the rain, wind and sun and an optional covered storage space.

The Powerflex Fibreglass poles create a strong and reliable structure and the tough Sentinel Dura fabric keeps the elements on the outside. The fully sewn-in groundsheet keeps out draughts and bugs, and ventilation can be managed using the mesh doors and AirZone panels. Complete with two entrances and large windows the Avington II XL is an easy place to unwind and enjoy outdoor life. After a full day of adventures, enjoy a longer, more peaceful sleep in the darker Midnight inner tents, designed to reduce the morning light.

Sentinel Dura
The new Sentinel dura from Vango has been developed to create a fabric with improved performance without the addition of unnecessary weight. The introduction of the ColourLok technology and a 30 % increase in strength, compares to our sentinel Active fabric, coupled with a 4,000mm HH waterproof rating, guarentees market leading quality and performance.

PowerFlex fiberglass is used for many tent constructions because it is very flexible but still stable. Fiberglass rods are drilled from top to bottom, cut into segments of equal length and equipped with a metal sleeve on one side. The individual segments are connected to a rubber band, this facilitates the construction. In order to place the different lengths of poles in the right place, the poles are marked in color.

Vango's Tension Band system is internal storm tensions. They form a power triangle and make the tent more stable (30 % more stable than conventional tents) against strong lateral or alternating winds. The clip system allows the cords to be removed if necessary and stowed in the pockets provided.

Intelligent ventilation system that takes advantage of the physical properties (thermals) of warm and cold air. In the upper and lower part of the tent walls ventilation openings are integrated, which provide air circulation in the tent and create a good indoor climate. Warm air rises and is pushed out through the upper vents, cooler air is sucked in through the lower vents.

Diamond Clear
The Vango PVC window film is 0.18mm thick and provides a clear view outside and lets plenty of light into the inside of the tent. The window film becomes wrinkle-free as soon as it gets a little heat.


  • Outer tent material: Sentinel Dura - 75D Polyester
  • TBSII -Tension Band System, internal storm guy lines, stabilise the tent and poles in extreme / directional winds
  • Queen size bedroom offers a 60 cm sleeping area per person
  • Living area with flat front - maximises living space in the tent
  • Window Films Diamond Clear / Pro PRO PVC Windows
  • Darkened sleeping cabin - Lights-Out fabric keeps the sleeping area darker longer in the morning and earlier in the evening
  • Kaikki saumat (teltta, maavaate) on teipattu ja siten täysin vedenpitävät
  • Vango tents are made of fire retardant fabrics and meet the EN5912 safety standard
  • Vango tents are tested in a certified wind and rain test centre and comply with the European standard EN5912.59125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259125912591259


Henkilöiden / makuupaikkojen lukumäärä
6 +
Sisätila (P x L x K): 210 x 360 x 195Mitat pystytettynä (P x L): 600 x 380Teltan kokonaispaino: 22450 gMitat pakattuna (P x L): 70 x 38 x 34
Telttahuoneiden lukumäärä: 2Makuutilan pituus: 210 cmOminaisuudet: pimennettyVarustelu: Sis. väliseinän, Sisätaskut, Korotettu lattiataso, Sisäänkäynti hyttysverkolla
Runko: lasikuituSisäteltta: 100 % polyesteriMaavaate: 100 % polyetyleeniTeltan ulkopuoli: 100 % polyesteri
Ulkopinnan vesipatsasarvo: 4000 mmMaavaatteen vesipatsasarvo: 10000 mm
Ikkuna: Kirkkaat PVC-ikkunat, Verhoilla
Varusteet: Korotettu, ommeltu pohja, Sisäänkäynti hyttysverkolla, Sisätaskut, Lampun kiinnitys
Pystytysmahdollisuudet: Kaikki kerrallaanPystytysaika (arvio): 20 min
Toimituksen sisältö
Tarvike: Korjaussarja, Kantolaukku


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