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V.I.B. 600 Sleeping Bag M, black/red

ID: 374677

€ 379,95 EUR
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    • black/red

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    € 379,95
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Y by Nordisk V.I.B. 600 Sleeping Bag M, black/red

V.I.B. 600 is a medium weight down filled sleeping bag for year round outdoor use. The V.I.B. 600 is part of the very popular V.I.B. range of Yeti bags with the finest possible European goose down filling wrapped in a casing with a wealth of technical details. The V.I.B. 600 has a full down collar, full zipper and the S-Box construction. The outer fabric is breathable and water repellent – and the inside lining has the V.I.B. series trademark signal colour. V.I.B. 600 offers nearly the same insulation as our more extreme series and can be used in any performance context where weight and pack size is an issue.

Crystal Down
Energetically, geese and ducks are the most efficient combined heat and power plants of all time. Thousands and thousands of super-soft filaments, consisting of the horn substance keratin, grow radially from a tiny core. Each of these filaments is provided with innumerable fibre ramifications. If many down come together, they stick together with their hooks and form many small heat-storing air chambers. A natural system that is lighter, more flexible and better insulated than anything man has ever invented. Yeti goose down achieves the highest possible bulking power of up to 900 cubic inches (cubic inches). Yeti exclusively uses European down, mainly from Germany and Poland. Every single down complies with the EDFA Traceability Standard.


  • Breathable, wind- and water-repellent material
  • Tested on the basis of the European sleeping bag standard EN 13537
  • S-Chamber processing
  • With a bony zipper
  • elaborated 3-D heat collar
  • Sisätasku
  • Delivery includes storage bag & packsack
  • Inner fabric in signal colour
  • with suspension loops


Retkeily/vaellus, Retkitelttailu, Telttailu, Ultralight
Miehet, Naiset
Kausi: 3-vuodenajan
Kategoria: höyhenmakuupussiMuoto: muumiomuotoiltu
Suositeltu lämpötila
Ihanteellinen lämpötila (°C): -1Maalämpötila: -6 °CVähimmäislämpötila: -23 °C
Pintamateriaali: SupCellPintamateriaalin yksityiskohdat: 100 % nailonVuorin materiaali: UltraCellVuori materiaalin yksityiskohdat: 100 % nailonTäyte: hanhen untuvaErikoisominaisuudet: Sisältää eläinperäisiä materiaaleja
Untuvasekoite (untuva/höyhen)
95 / 5
Fill Power (cuin)
800 cuin
Makuupussi: 920 gTäyte: 529 g
Makuupussin mitat (P x L1 x L2): 210 x 77 x 52Suositeltu pituus (max.): 175 cmMitat pakattuna (P x L): 32 x 15

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