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Outwell Jacksondale 5PA Teltta, vihreä

ID: 1511879

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€ 1.765,95
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Valitettavasti haluttu tuote on tällä hetkellä loppuunmyyty

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Mitat pakattuna (P x L)
Mitat pakattuna (P x L)
100 x 45 x 45
Ulkopinnan vesipatsasarvo
Ulkopinnan vesipatsasarvo
4000 mm
Teltan kokonaispaino
Teltan kokonaispaino
33400 g
Henkilöiden / makuupaikkojen lukumäärä
Henkilöiden / makuupaikkojen lukumäärä


Outwell Jacksondale 5PA Teltta, vihreä (green)

With plenty of headroom and floor space in the living area, the Outwell Jacksondale 5PA inflatable tent is an ideal choice for active families and friends. Easy to pitch, it offers flexible access with Rain Safe entry over one of its side doors and great ventilation options to let you adjust the fresh air flow. Whether for short breaks or longer camping holidays, you’ll find the smooth profile ensures excellent stability in high winds. Plus, its three-zone design allows you to leave damp clothing and gear in the wet zone or use it for handy storage. Sleeping up to five in two bedrooms, it’s a neat, comfortable base for you and yours to enjoy campsite life and outdoor adventures with style and convenience.

Outtex 4000 Select
Outtex 4000 Select is a hard-wearing, quality, 100 per cent polyester that addresses key expectations for fabrics ideal for regular general camping. It is fire retardant and has a PU-coating that provides a 4,000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating.

Aerodynamic Storm Protection 9
The aerodynamic design of the tents with hidden poles secures that the whole tent is stable whatever the weather.

Outwell Sewn-in Ground System
A sealed-in groundsheet is the best way to keep draughts, insects, dirt and water out of a tent. When the groundsheet is an integral part of the tent it ensures all-weather protection from the ground upwards.

Premier Bedroom
Outwell Premier Bedrooms offer generous floor space for easy access and mobility, plus storage pockets and mains cable entry points to bring in power for electrics, like lights.

Quick & Quiet Inner Door
Magnetic strips sewn into the vertical seam of the inner doors allow quick and quiet bedroom entry and exit with the option of zips for a more secure closure when required.

Dry Zip
Taped zip seams ensure watertight performance.

Fire retardant
The fabric does not burn, but melts when in direct contact with flames.

Outwell Rigid Air System
Features individual tubes that are inflated and deflated separately via easy access external valves.

Outwell Easy Access System
Main door and mesh fold to one side and the groundsheet lies flush with the ground for safe, easy access.

Dark Inner
Dark roof and side panels reduce light entry into bedrooms to improve sleep quality. Perfect for early nights, lie-ins and to prevent waking at sun rise.

Outwell HookTrack System
Strategically placed tracks allow the placement of special hooks from which to run cables and attach lightweight accessories.

Outwell Guyline Retainer System
Simple, effective and inspired, this feature ensures campers avoid tengling guylines when packing away.

Taped Seams
Extra protection across all seams, the tape ensures no chance of any water ingress.

Outwell Wind Brace System
Outwell Wind Brace System uses supportive webbing in key positions along an air tube to provide enhanced stability in windy conditions.

Outwell Rear Ventilation System
Special rear ventilation design with full variable adjustment providing tailored regulation and enhanced airflow.

Quick & Quiet Access
Magnetic closure offers quick, convenient and silent access between zones. Roll doors to the side and toggled back to fully open. Ancillary zips provide secure closure when required.

Cable Entry Point
Zipped section to allow a mains lead to be safely run into the tent.


  • Material flysheet: Outtex 4000 Select, Polyester
  • Material inner tent: breathable polyester
  • Base material: double coated, waterproof polyethylene
  • Air hoses: Rigid Air System - this frame construction ensures best performance
  • Vertical front wall with canopy for optimal living space in and in front of the tent
  • extra side door for flexible access
  • Muokattavat kiinnityspisteet mahdollistavat joustavan pystyttämisen
  • Valmiiksi asennetut, heijastavat kiristysnauhat helpottavat ja nopeuttavat pystytystä
  • Rear ventilation system ensures good ventilation together with the rainproof ventilation openings in the awning
  • Outwell Lite Pegging System
  • Pre-bent air hoses provide a generous ceiling height and a spacious interior
  • Front can be opened completely with a double zipper and is equipped with a mosquito net, which keeps insects away when airing
  • Over tent and inner tent with cable bushings
  • Sisäteltan verkkotaskut helpottavat tavaroiden säilytystä ja löytämistä teltan sisällä
  • Large windows let campers see what's happening outside up close or are completely closed for privacy
  • Bright awning roof in a warm colour creates a bright, pleasant ambience in the tent
  • 3 zones provide a large family with a wet area and a dry area each for living and sleeping
  • Robust storm lines
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Telttailu, Luksusleirintä
Keskeiset tiedot
Absidien lukumäärä:
Henkilöiden / makuupaikkojen lukumäärä:
Sisäänkäynnin korkeus:
210 cm
Sisätila (P x L x K):
215 x 320 x 165
Mitat pystytettynä (P x L):
755 x 360
Teltan kokonaispaino:
33400 g
Mitat pakattuna (P x L):
100 x 45 x 45
Makuutilan pituus:
215 cm
Sis. väliseinän, Sisätaskut
Duratec-Fibreglass 8,5 mm
100 % polyesteri
100 % polyetyleeni
Teltan ulkopuoli:
100 % polyesteri
Ulkopinnan vesipatsasarvo:
4000 mm
Sisätaskut, Kaapelin läpivienti
Pystytysaika (arvio):
27 min
Toimituksen sisältö
Kantolaukku, Pumppu
Ulkoteltta, Sisäteltta, Väliseinä, Linkitys, Telttatangot, Tukisiimat


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