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Rejka Hamra Light HC Ground Sheet, vihreä

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Rejka Hamra Light HC Ground Sheet, vihreä (emerald green)

What's the most annoying thing about touring besides bad weather? Exactly, having to change in the confines of a small tent. With the wet clothes directly into the small sleeping cabin to have to spoil one immediately the good mood. With Rejka's Hamra light HC you don't have this problem. Thanks to the two ridge poles, you have a huge vestibule here and the very generously sized inner tent also offers you an incredible amount of space. You can change there comfortably, store your equipment dry in the vestibule or even set up your field kitchen. The vestibule is super ventilated and offers you, if it should be necessary and of course with appropriate caution, a good cooking opportunity. In addition to the large vestibule, the spacious Hamra light HC offers space for 2 people in the inner tent.

Set up the dome tent is in no time and keeps you absolutely dry even in rain and snow. So you can quickly retreat into your protective tent even in surprising rain without having to waste a lot of time with a complicated tent setup, because the poles are already connected with the exception of the two ridge poles. Stowed, the Hamra light HC is just as fast and its compact pack size, as well as the low weight do not burden you excessively during your tour.

So if you are looking for a lightweight, durable 2-3 person tent that offers you plenty of space and a large vestibule, then you should take a closer look at the Hamra light HC or even better, just try it out. You will be surprised how much space your new outdoor home has.

Rejka attaches great importance to durability and the resulting sustainability. Therefore, rejka works in the light series with robust 40D fabric, which is very tear-resistant due to the silicone coating with almost 8kg and offers a reserve, which can be decisive in the extreme case of a failure or success of the tour. You will therefore find at Rejka certainly never the lightest tents on the market, but certainly those that can score with comfort, reliability and durability.

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Mountaineering, Pitkät vaellukset
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100 % polyamidi
Maavaatteen vesipatsasarvo:
3000 mm

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